About Deck-Max

We have worked in the building industry since 1985 and in that time we have continued to identify, design and manufacture new products and solutions and are now the number one Decking Company in Australia.

Deck-MaxTM introduces another world first into the timber decking marketing and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

Timber is a limited resource and very expensive to grow, produce and turn into high quality decking, which is why we have been deep into research and development over the last 2 years to produce a High Quality, Cost Effective, Superior Finish decking solution and more importantly one that is Sustainable!

We have sold over 4 Million Biscuit Fixings with 100% Satisfaction

100% of the Deck-Max™ biscuits are made in Queensland ensuring local businesses are supported.

Deck-Max™ success also ensures more Australians are supported by employment and through many diverse companies who are part of the chain of events – from manufacture to you. Deck-Max™has taken exhaustive steps in protecting Australian technology by means of Patents and Trademarks.

Deck-Max™ has invested in product protection to ensure at any time that products represented as Deck-Max™ offers the customer surety in quality and protection against copies along with the support of Australian jobs.