Bamboo Decking

Deck-Max™TM Bamboo Outdoor Decking perfect for any size job both consumer & commercial

Introducing the most recent decking and home improvement innovation from Deck-Max™, non-stranded or strand woven bamboo  [commonly used for internal floors] and NOW virtilce laminated bamboo decking.

For years, the popularity of bamboo material has been on the rise. This highly sustainable resource has proven cost effective and environmentally friendly. Until now, however, the only style of bamboo around has been a strand woven product  that was not designed for longevity in outdoor climates. Deck-Max™ now brings you a revolutionary bamboo product that is ideal for any outdoor decking project.

  • Stronger than Traditional Hardwood Timber Decking
  • Highly Sustainable Resource
  • Strictly Regulated & Harvested
  • World’s First Bamboo Decking tested to withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

Where traditional hardwoods come from trees that take 50 to 75 years to mature, Moso bamboo matures in about 5 to 7 years. This makes a major difference when considering that approximately 100 million acres of hardwood supplying trees are lost each week due to deforestation.

Deck-Max™ has entered into a partnership with the appropriate forestry and factory interests, which allows us to have constant, steady access to the highest quality bamboo. The bamboo is harvested only under the strictest guidelines supervised by a strict Chinese government. With confidence, know that the Deck-Max™ bamboo decking is only of the highest quality.

  • Save Time
  • Save waste
  • Save money
  • Make a conscious decision for the environment and sustainability
  • Pre-Coated with 2 x coats of decking oil and grooved ready to take the Deck-Max biscuit.

The highly specialised processing of the bamboo decking from Deck-Max™ goes through an exhaustive number of processes to deliver this long life product.

All the Deck-Max bamboo decking is pre coated with the finest decking oils, the two coating involve 1 x sealant coat and the second is the finish coat these 2 x steps would typically be an additional step to the decking once it is installed.

At 5.6 metres long in set lengths, this bamboo decking is sure to fit any project need.

Bamboo is an excellent choice for outdoor decking, if the proper process is followed. Unlike traditional hardwood timber decking, the strength of bamboo is heightened, because its fibres run parallel to the culm axis. There is no intersection as with hardwood, which prevents the breakage and cracking we see with traditional hardwood.  Laminated bamboo is measured to be as hard as or harder than traditional hardwoods.

This highly refined, original process allows Deck-Max™ to deliver the first bamboo decking that does not shrink or swell, making it perfect for that outdoor deck.

With the rapid replenishment of bamboo, we see a resource that can be sustained through the years. Beyond that, it is also more environmentally friendly, as it absorbs carbon dioxide releasing 35% more oxygen back into the atmosphere than the equivalent in other hardwood trees.

Major differences between traditional hardwood timber and bamboo:

  • Perfect sustainable resource
  • Dence structure with fine tissue
  • More uniform colour throughout
  • High strength and elasticity with good touch
  • Manufacturers Warranty