Deck Max – Videos

        Deck-Max Pro Biscuit Video

This video goes over the Deck-Max Pro Biscuit in more detail including tips on how to install.
      Deck-Max Original Biscuit Video

This video goes into more detail on the Deck-max Original Biscuit as well as providing tips on how to cut the timber decking kerf and install the biscuit.
Deck-Max Pro Biscuit vs Original Biscuit

This video compares the Deck-Max Original and Pro biscuits side-by-side.
Deck-Max Secret Fixing System

In this video, we have a brief overview of the Deck-Max timber decking secret fixing solution: fasteners, clips, and timber.
Deck-Max End Match Timber Decking

In this video, we cover the end match timber decking by Deck-Max, allowing you to seamlessly match end pieces of timber together with the Deeck-Max Pro biscuits.
Deck-Max Timber Decking Choices

This video covers the choices of timber decking available with the Deck-Max Pro decking solution.
Deck-Max Timber Decking Screws

In this video, we discuss the different types of screws and their benefits for different decking jobs.
Deck-Max Decking Clamps

In this video, we see the decking clamps available from Deck-Max along with a demonstration of their usefulness.
Deck-Max Counter Bore Tool

This video provides a demonstration of the Deck-Max counter bore tool, used on end pieces of the timber decking as well as how to hide the screw from sight and the elements.
Deck-Max Pro Biscuit Demonstration

In this video, we see a demonstration of how the Deck-Max Pro Biscuit works.
Deck-Max Laying the Timber Decking

In this video, we cover how to fasten and secure the timber decking from the first board on, using the Deck-Max timber decking.
Deck-Max Compilation

This video goes through the process of laying the timber decking, installing the biscuits, using end match, and more with Deck-Max.