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What is Deck-Max™ Pro?

Deck-Max™ Pro Timber is a world’s first with End Match Decking allowing you to join the timber anywhere on the joist. Deck-Max™ Timber has a special groove down either side which has been designed for maximum strength and to make sure water does not hold in the groove like most standard grooved decking.

How Is the Deck-Max™ Groove Different?

The groove has been developed at the highest standard which matches internal flooring with only a -/+ 0.2ml tolerance. What this means for you the customer is you are getting out door timber decking which matches the same standard as internal flooring!

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Faster Install:
Timbers are all profiled for the Deck-Max™ “Pro” biscuit and End Matched both ends for the use of the World First End Match Biscuit Joiner.
Smarter Setup:
The unique profile is engineered for strength, gap settings and ease of installation. You achieve up to 75% less waste on the Deck Job .
Stronger Solution:
You Do NOT have to join on a joist! The unique profile is engineered for strength, gap settings and ease of installation.

What is the End Matching Exactly?

Deck-Max™ end match decking is a WORLD first allowing you to join anywhere on the sub frame instead of only on the JOIST.

The best way to understand is watch the short video below:


What are the key benefits of using Deck-Max™ Pro with End Matching?

Using our Deck-Max™ Pro Timber Decking makes it easy to install your timber deck at ANY skill level. We have sold over 3 million secret fixings with no returns and has been used on 1000’s of commercial and DIY customers here in Australia and overseas.

  • Its 50% Faster To Install as we use Pre-Grooved Decking which is End Matched
  • Less Waste as our contractors get 4% Waste instead of the standard 10%
  • We use 110mm wide boards so you get a unique look and stronger deck
  • 400% Stronger than traditional decking protecting your investment
  • 100% Australian owned and operated company

The Deck-Max™ pro biscuit system with end matching is perfect for any size job which complements any internal to external flooring look you want to achieve.

What are the differences between Original and Pro?

The key differences are if you have more time on your hands and want to source your own timber then the original system is perfect for you. If you want to use our high grade unique decking timber which is 110 wide this is already pre-grooved saving you time and money.



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