Timber Decking Sydney

17 January 2012

They might not have a view of the harbour bridge or the opera house, but when it comes to timber decking Sydney homeowners are still making the most of their outside space.  More and more city residents are using their home improvement skills to make a valuable and attractive addition to their property.  Forget rickety structures with dangerous nails sticking out of timber and warping at the edges though, what’s becoming particularly popular in the area is the kind of versatile and easy to install secret fixing deck system of the kind offered by www.Deck-Max.com.au

What’s great about this system is that there aren’t any nails to be hammered through timber into the joist, which means a smooth surface.  Not only does this give you peace of mind in terms of kids and animals, it also means that you’re able to sand the deck down and re coat it a few years down the line, if you want a change or if you’re about to sell your property.  It also gives you a little bit of leeway if you’ve not taken the best care – there aren’t any nails in the timber to avoid, so the re-vamping procedure is much easier than it would be otherwise!

Perhaps another reason why this kind of timber decking Sydney is clearly so crazy about has become so popular is that it’s got some serious credentials – a 7 year warranty offered by the manufacturer, a wide range of data sheets to help you with installation, and a number of videos on their website explaining exactly how their system works, down to screw shapes and biscuit cutting tools – they’re pretty confident in what they’ve got for sale, evidently.  There’s also a particular emphasis been put on customer service and attention to detail, reflected in their online quick quote system.

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