Timber Decks Sydney

17 January 2012

As the “world’s best festival and event city” – two years running – you might think that residents of Sydney are just too busy to think about home improvement, but it seems that the ultimate city of culture is also interested in the party happening quite literally on their doorstep.  In the world of timber decks, Sydney has recently shown an increased interest in embarking upon this kind of building project.  Sydneysiders seem to have been particularly impressed with no nails systems – secret fixing systems – like Deck-Max™ (www.Deck-Max.com.au) which don’t require any nails to be hammered through the timber into the joist, meaning no shrinkage and no moisture damage from water getting in about said nails.

Getting the right airflow through the deck is particularly important – not just for moisture control but also to comply with local fire regulations, and the Deck-Max™ system can be set to a variety of spacings which comply with local rules.  Moisture control is also important in the preparation with the timber for timber decks, Sydney’s climate means that the wood needs to have maintained a particular moisture level – so one of the first questions that Deck-Max™ will ask you when you get a quote is where you live, so that they can source the correct timber for your job.

The Original Deck-Max™ system, and the Pro pre-grooved system, are fairly revolutionary in terms of timber decks.  Sydney homeowners can be sure that Deck-Max™ have a good deal of experience in the field.  In the case of the pro system, installation time can be cut by half – and there’s a 7 year guarantee, which is pretty impressive.  Maybe not as impressive as being the world’s best festival and event city two years running, but you can’t have everything.

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