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Sample Quote

After supplying measurements for a deck area of 4m x 6m (approx.), or 24m2
230 lineal metres of decking (allowing 3% waste) 1 x Kit No. 30 Wood Screw "Pro"
1x Extra End Match Biscuits 3x Extra Adhesive
1x Twin pack of 100mm square drive # 2 bits 1x CounterBore Tool
1x Wood Plug Kit 1x Extra Drill bits pack for CounterBore tool
2x Decking Clamps – 450mm (depends on how many are working on the job, as two people could share 3 clamps to make the job easy) 2x Decking Clamps – 600mm (again, 2 people could share 2 clamps, so the number of people would make a difference)

Ready Reconner for Bill of Quantities

  • Coverage
    • The estimates in the kits are approximate coverage only and all quantities are based on the design of the area and the shape - these will vary the coverage and estimates of cover. Coverage assumptions  - are based on the joists set @ 450 mm centres and using from 90mm up to 140mm wide decking boards. Each pack of Deck-Max™ will show coverage per pack so you can estimate for your bill of quantities. SEE BELOW.........
      • e.g. a Kit No. 10 will cover from 8 to 12 square metres in area.
    • Always check with Deck-Max™ to be sure your estimates are close to final quanitities, if you are tendering as a contractor I would recommend you take the lower side of each coverage estimate to be sure of your budget.
      • e.g. if I had 35 sq.m. area I would allow for 1 x Kit No. 30 plus 1 x Kit No. 10.
    • If you are happy to buy base/minimum quantity and buy a few to finish it is ideal to buy close to estimate as you can always buy a Kit No. 5 to finish - this is the smallest Kit quantity you can buy.
Estimated m2 Area Kit or Kits required to suit the area by size. NOTE: Please see the coverage details below for each kit size and the variables in quantities that can be effected by diffent board sizes and deck design.
5m2  Area 1 x Kit No. 5
10m2  Area 1 x Kit No. 10
15m2  Area 1 x Kit No. 5 Plus 1 x Kit No. 10
20m2  Area 2 x Kit No. 10
25m2  Area 1 x Kit No. 5 Plus 2 x Kit No. 10
30m2  Area 1 x Kit No. 30
m2  Area over Just keep the increments in + 5m2
  • 5 m2 Kit
    • Deck-Max™  Biscuits - Qty. 110
    • Deck-Max™  Screw - Qty. 110
    • Deck-Max™ Joiners - Qty. 15
    • Ultra Set Adhesive - 1 x 300ml Cartridge
    • Square Drive Bit - 1 x 50mm #2
    • Drill Bit - 1 x 100mm x 3mm Long Shank
    • Install Instructions
  • Coverage:
    • 7 to 12 square metres. Subject to board size, joist centres and design of deck. These are estimates only. Please contact your local supplier or Deck-Max™ head office for more accurate Bill of Quantities. This No. 5 kit is the smallest quantity we package.
  • 10m2 Kit
    • Deck-Max™ Biscuits - Qty. 220
    • Deck-Max™ Screw - Qty. 220
    • Deck-Max™ Joiners - Qty. 30
    • Ultra Set Adhesive - 2 x 300ml Cartridge
    • Square Drive Bit - 1 x 50mm #2
    • Drill Bit - 1 x 100mm x 3mm Long Shank
    • Install Instructions
  • Coverage:
    • 7 to 12 square metres. Subject to board size, joist centres and design of deck. These are estimates only. Please contact your local supplier or Deck-Max™ head office for more accurate Bill of Quantities. This No. 10 kit is the most popular kit in stock.
  • 30m2 Kit
    • Deck-Max™ Pro Biscuits - Qty. 660
    • Deck-Max™ Wood Screw - Qty. 660
    • Deck-Max™ Joiners - Qty. 60
    • Ultra Set Adhesive - 4 x 300ml Cartridge
    • Square Drive Bit - 1 x 50mm #2
    • Drill Bit - 1 x 100mm x 3mm Long Shank
    • Install Instructions
  • Coverage:
    • 25 to 34 square metres. Subject to board size, joist centres and design of deck. These are estimates only. Please contact your local supplier or Deck-Max™ head office for more accurate Bill of Quantities. This No. 30 kit is the most popular for Trade Contractors. 

How do I calculate quantities?

  • You can buy Everything from Deck-Max™ online or just email or phone
  • What spacing are the floor joist centers? What Size are the decking boards? Then simply phone our distributors or head office and we will calculate the quantities for your job. Contact us >>
  • As a guide – we have three pack sizes  Kit No. 5, Kit No. 10 & Kit No. 30 each number 5, 10 & 30 represents close to square metre quantities – If you have 130mm wide decking and you have 28m2 then a Kit number 30 will work.
  • NOTE: Check to see if any steps are included and any other areas like seats, step risers etc. are in the design.

How do I start & finish the deck with Deck-Max™?

  • Choose the straightest long stick of timber and decide to start either at the wall / house or from the outside edge and work back - Once decided set a string line parallel to the finishing point and set your first board.
  • Clamp into position be sure it is set straight – then prepare a CounterBore hole using the Deck-Max™ DM 110 tool then fix with the screw from the Deck-Max™ wood plug and screw kit – DM 114. Fasten screw into the bottom of the hole then insert the wooden plug – it will sit a little proud then just shave off the top flush to the deck using a wide sharp chisel. Repeat this process on the last board.
  • This process is also used for steps, step risers etc.

What screws do I use?

  • You must use the manufacturer's specified screws only. The screw is included in the purchase of the Deck-Max™ biscuit.
  • We have a several fixings available – all we need to know is what material are the joist;
  • Hardwood screws in either 316 Stainless Steel or Gal. coat class 3 steel screw
  • Treated pine screws in either 316 Stainless Steel or Gal. coat class 3 steel screw
  • Metal – self drilling metal screws.
  • The screw you choose will have its own specific fixing requirements, but most of all the selection we offer is part of the proprietary system designed to self drill;
  • Do not use any other screws for the fixing of Deck-Max

How long will the biscuit last?

  • Deck-Max™ provides a 7 year builders warranty for the biscuit and by usingDeck-Max™ fixing you will obtain a truly long life fixing. The most important question is have you chosen the best timber for the application and has the sub-structure been built to the building code of practice.
  • The biscuit is fixed with a proprietary screw designed and engineered byDeck-Max™ which is the best quality available. You will have a choice to choose aMarine Grade 316 Stainless Steel screw as this will be the most superior screw you can choose.
  • You will have a choice at the store as to which screw suits your needs best.
  • The biscuit itself is made for UV stability and Chemical resistance.
  • Like all building issues the most important one is - NO MORE Call Backs for nails popping or replacing split boards from traditional fixings like nails or screws.
  • What warranty do you get with nails or screws? NONE

Should I apply adhesive under boards?

  • Yes – apply exterior quality adhesive (Bostik Ultra Set Polyurethane) this also serves as an acoustic membrane between the floor joist and the decking boards.
  • Specifically (a polyurethane adhesive) supplied under several brands. We recommend Bostik Ultra Set SF as the product comes with the manufacturers specification for this application.
  • This process is part of the Deck-Max™ proprietary system and is included in each kit – however we always recommend to buy some extra cartridges as we seem to use more than what is included. E.g. in a Kit No. 30 you will receive 4 x 300ml cartridges – buy one extra.
  • Apply adhesive into the lateral cut and on the butt joints and mitred corners on final assembly.

Can the Deck-Max™ fixing be used on composite boards?

  • Yes – The composite boards can be fixed with the Deck-Max™ system (check manufacturers' specifications). The lateral biscuit cut is prepared the same way and the screw remains the fixing into the floor joist.
  • Some composite boards has a groove already moulded to the side of the boards, or you can have it grooved the same as hardwood profile.
  • The only difference between timber and composite is the manufacturer of each composite board company will have a set spacing for your butt joints. Just check manufacturer's warranty on fixings methods and installation specifications.
  • It is ideal for this more expensive deck material to have no nails or screws damaging the surface of the deck, as it will draw moisture into the board and floor joist.
  • Deck-Max™ has test results prooving the advantage of choosing Deck-Max™ over any other fixing in the market.

How do I fix the first board and the last board?

  • When starting the decking, start from the wall and work out. Choose a good straight stick of timber as this will be set  like a straight edge and all the following boards will then be pulled to that board.
  • Use the Deck-Max™ Item No. DM 110 it will CounterBore tool to cut the perfect hole in diameter and depth then use the Deck-Max™ Item No. DM 114 screw & Plug Kit - it fits perfectly into the prepared hole leaving approx.. 1 mm proud and you then trim the top with a wide sharp chisel.
CounterBore tool
Wood Plug Kit

Do we need to change the construction process to use Deck-Max™?

  • NO - Deck-Max™ as a fixing system and does not require any changes to the structure.
  • The sub-structure should be built as per the normal building code for your particular job.
  • The Deck-Max™ fixing simply allows you to fix the board in a secret fashion and have no nail heads or screw heads on the top surface of your deck.
  • It should be noted that you can start from the wall/house and work out verses some who work from the outside back, the deck layout and design often dictates this process. When working from the wall / house out, you may choose if possible to leave the joists + 100mm long and then trim back to a full board OR trim a board in to the house or where the decking boards finish.

What gap can I leave between the decking boards?

  • When determining the gap you require between the decking boards always think about the following:
    • What gap do I have under the deck for good air flow?
    • Is the timber Kiln Dried?
    • What is the moisture content of the decking?
    • What are the tolerances of the timber species you have chosen – how much will it move?
    • Am I in a fire rated zone that may have local council specifications for this setting?
    • How much will the Deck-Max™ biscuit take? – from a minimum of 3mm up to 7mm.
  • The traditional standard was approx. 4mm. To choose a 4mm gap simple insert a 4mm packer between the boards and set.
  • Let me give you an example – If I was to choose Merbau as a timber species and the moisture content of the decking was say 15% -  then my decision would be easy e.g. In Qld.. You can set Merbau at 3mm to 4mm as it will normally shrink over time But If I were to choose an Australian hardwood then the decision is based on Moisture content, was the timber kiln dried, Air flow under the deck – you would combine these questions and then determine the gap so any movement can be accommodated as some species will move more than others.
  • Remember timber will move throughout its life but you can control it withDeck-Max™ and the decisions you make when laying – It should be noted that most high quality hardwood / kiln dried boards will shrink in width and have minimal expansion. Always check with your local timber merchant for advise.
  • Firstly by choosing the Deck-Max™ Secret fixing you are so much better off because if the board does move then the decking will not crack or split.
  • Secondly be sure to have all the answers from your contractor before starting the project to be sure that your large investment will give you the long life and lifestyle of beautiful timber decking.
  • The batch of boards may vary in width due to the milling size of the boards (This causes what is referred to as feathering)  - you may need to vary this 3mm spacing a little, say every few boards so the deck is set evenly.
  • Your best option is to ask Deck-Max™ for recommended suppliers that will have the most accurate decking specifications.
  • When fitting to metal joists set spacing wider to accommodate the expansion and contraction of metal.

Does the groove hold water?

  • NO – the grooved cut in the side of the board does not retain water.
  • Deck-Max™ has followed up on this particular question and a quote from a Timber Queensland person “Lateral cuts inserted to the side of timber decking boards will not hold water nor will it create rot from water retention”.
  • Deck-Max™ developed a new patented cut profile to its new decking that offers you the 100% satisfaction that it is impossible to retain water with a 10 degree fall on the bottom lip. This is how Deck-Max™ continues to design and develop the best product for you the consumer and in particular eliminate perceptions of a new product.

How much time does it take?

  • Faster than pre-drilling and screwing a deck
  • Faster than pre-drilling and hand nailing
  • Not faster than a nail gun, but the damage done by the gun is terrible--boards get split and cracked, the wood gets water in and starts to rot.
  • Time is relevant to your choice of timber, fixings and in particular the skill level of the installer. Time lines also depend on the layout of the deck area, and more importantly how many men are on the job working and how good the team works together
  • By using the Deck-Max™ Pro biscuit and the End match connector our contractors are laying up to 45 sqaure metres a day.
  • Two options - Fastest Option - Pre-Grooved – You can choose decking boards and have them pre-grooved to Deck-Max™ specifications – this is by far the fastest and actually the most cost efficient. This way simply lay the board and fix.
  • OR . . .
  • Biscuit cut preparation – You use a biscuit cutting tool to cut a [Kerf] lateral cut into the side of the board – This is done at intervals that match where the board will lay and intersect with the joist.
  • If your carpenter or decking company had traditionally pre-drilled and screwed the boards then time is around the same or faster as biscuit cutting.
  • If you choose the pre-grooved option then Deck-Max™ will be a lot faster than drilling and screwing – Or drilling and nailing.
  • If the company uses a nail gun then Deck-Max™ will take more time – however, you achieve the perfect finish by using Deck-Max™. TIME = QUALITY especially when you have spent all that money on the decking material to start with. This also provides longer life to your investment with the capacity to sand the deck at any time as you have no nail heads or screw heads to stop the full sand. Imagine after 5 years you finally decide to sell your house and the deck looks terrible because you have neglected it – DO NOT WORRY – simple floor sand the deck and re oil it and it is as good as the day you laid it – and becomes a selling feature of the home.
  • The Deck-Max™ system will end up being faster and less expensive for the trade person. By using the Deck-Max™ system you use a lot less fixings compared to nails or screws.
  • Like all changes – from the old way to the new way – it takes a little bit to adjust to a new system and to have all the right tools like the Deck-Max™ floor clamps and to be well organised with good systems. Please just ask your contractor to do it and both of you will be happy in the end – be prepared that a lot of contractors will want to do it the old way. Please ask Deck-Max™ for recommended contractors who will happily use the Deck-Max™ system.

How do I choose the right biscuit?

    • You can buy everything from Deck-Max™ online or just email or phone
    • Suitable for cutting groove with biscuit cutter.
    • Can be pre-grooved - however if you were to get pre-grooving done then go withDeck-Max™ "Pro" Biscuit faster and easier.
    • The original biscuit is perfect for decking boards that are not or cannot get pre-grooved.
    • The cut dimensions off the bottom of the board are the same for any thickness of decking.
"Original Biscuit"
"Pro Biscuit"

The "Pro Biscuit"

  • Can only be used with pre-grooved decking.
  • Groove cannot be cut with a biscuit cutter.
  • This biscuit has become The No. 1 Choice of Trade customers who can access this patented biscuit and special profile that can only be done by Deck-Max™ licensed timber profilers.
  • Unique to Deck-Max™  - the joiner biscuit DM J10
  • This joiner biscuit is unique to Deck-Max™ and is simply the strongest joining mechanism that has been used for 30 odd years.
  • Prepared with a 4mm biscuit cutter or Lamello cutter.

What is the difference from Deck-Max™ biscuit to normal carpenters fixing?

  • The biggest difference is we do not nail through the board into the joist, by doing this it eliminates splitting and cracking of boards PLUS this allows for sanding after deck is fitted, as in most cases the hole preparation is not pre-drilled hence the stress and over the years ahead.
  • Deck-Max™ biscuit fixing involves pre-grooved boards using the Deck-Max™ Pro biscuit which also has the ends pre-grooved for our end matching clip. This allows you to lay the board and where it lies is where the next board joins and continues.
  • You do not have to join on a joist any more.
  • OR using the “Original” Biscuit by inserting a biscuit cutting tool to prepare a lateral cut to the side of the board as preparation for the biscuit fixing and no nails are used.

Does Deck-Max™ make a fire rated biscuit?

  • YES we do
  • The 5mm biscuit is the standard building code for width of gap for fire rating
  • It is also made from Fire Retardant material – rated higher than the hardwood.

Can I buy a biscuit with different gap settings?

  • YES you can
  • Deck-Max™ manufactures two (2) different biscuits for gaps
    • 3mm
    • 5mm
  • Deck-Max™ biscuits can be set from 3mm up to 7mm wide gap

How do I get a quote on Deck-Max™?

Click on this link QUICK QUOTE and all we need are the basic information like…
  • Square metres if you know them (approx)
  • Length by width of each area – then we can work out your total square metres
  • Press send and we will send back – what we call a bill of quantities – that is an estimate of all the things you will require to do the job in Deck-Max™, but will exclude the posts and frame, because someone will need to physically see the site to determine those quantities.

Where can I buy Deck-Max™?

What timber should I use?

  • Choose the Deck-Max™ decking pre-grooved to suit the patented Deck-Max™ "Pro Biscuit" and End Matching
  • Only use hardwood rated for outdoor timber decking class 1 & class 2
  • Only use hardwoods with specific local moisture content  FOR MORE>>
  • Deck-Max™ accepts no liability for timber failure, incorrect installation, failure to follow manufacturers' specifications. FOR MORE>>
  • Do not use hardwoods that are hardness rated 3 or more, including soft wood or pine decking
  • Location – Decking should not be installed too close to ground
    • (meaning that if the ground is moist and can affect the moisture content of the underside of the board then you are installing too close to ground).
    • 400mm off ground or less you can run into trouble.
    • Consider if the deck is to be fully exposed to the weather or not. You must consider the following including what gap setting you will use.
    • Drainage – important when trying to fix over a concrete base or the natural ground does not flow away from the house.
      • When fixing over concrete be sure to run the hose over the surface to be sure the water runs away and does not pond.
      • Excavate the ground to be sure that any water will run away from under the deck and does not retain moisture.
      • Refer to Technical Data Sheet 13 by Timber Queensland.
      • After excavation lay down geo-fabric or plastic sheet then cover with course to fine rock or gravel over and around the post supports prior to laying the decking boards.
    • Air Flow Ventilation – this ensures that the air flow over and under the deck keeps the top side and the underside of the decking boards at consistant moisture content.
      • Do not close in around a deck – this blocks air flow and will cause the decking boards to cup and twist.
      • Do not build up your gardens to same level as the deck – this will block the air flow and cause damge to decking boards.
    • Gap settings for decking boards – Gap settings have always being decided by the installer/carpenter to suit the environment etc.
      • If you are in a fire rated zone – Deck-Max™ has the 5mm biscuit to use as standard gap set and is also fire rated.
      • All Deck-Max™ biscuits have the capacity to be set from 3mm gaop out to 6 or 7mm wide.
      • A wider gap setting should be selected when installing close to ground. Deck-Max™ 5mm is ideal.

What should I look out for when doing my deck choice of timber?

  • Timber should be of specific moisture content to suit your local environment. Local authorities can inform you of this information.
  • Kiln Drying – Provides consistency, Stabilises the timber, Reduces twisting. When a supplier goes to the trouble of kiln drying your timber it is more expensive, but the end result is well worth the cost.
  • Only use timbers that are Durability class 1 and 2.

Deck-Max™ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Deck-Max™ hold Patents and enforces protection.
  • Do not accept copies or products that represent themselves as Deck-Max™.
  • Deck-Max™ biscuits are made in Australia and the company is fully Australian owned.
  • Deck-Max™ is a registered trademark.
  • Deck-Max™  holds all intellectual property rights associated with this proprietary system.
  • Deck-Max™ retains copyright to all it’s literature, web, print and photos.
Note: Always use the BUILDING standards and CODES for Construction, timber moisture content, tolerances and timber grades for outdoor decking guidelines. Always be sure the gaps set are suitable to the application and location.