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Holiday traditions: Apples, ornaments and upsidedown Christmas trees

No holiday season has more traditions than Christmas, but few of us have any idea about their origins. Did you know that Germany and France are responsible for many of our yuletide rituals? This is a special Christmas item from Bob Taylor, Washington Times Communities. (External link)
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CCTV cameras protecting Christmas trees

CCTV cameras installed to catch thieves stealing Christmas trees in County Durham have themselves been stolen. Source: BBC News

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Climate change is killing the world’s oldest trees

Colorado’s old lodgepoles aren’t the only forest giants that are dying. Around the world, the biggest, oldest trees that harbor and sustain countless birds and other wildlife are meeting the same fate. Source: Think Progress (External link)
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Google Treemetrics to see the wood and the trees

There are two forestry entrepreneurs whose software is revolutionising the harvesting of timber. A UK company is leading a quiet revolution to change the global forestry industry. Source: Independent (UK)
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Sky cam keeps tabs on trees

Researchers with the Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) have embraced innovation by employing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to take photos of mallee trees. Source: Timberbiz
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Council finds better use for trees than mulch

Coff Harbour City Council has found a more sustainable and profitable way to re-use the trees on public land. Previously council turned these trees, including hardwoods, into mulch for playgrounds, parks, roundabouts and reserves. Now the timber is being milled and put to better use. Source: The Coffs Coast Advocate
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